Government Contracting Services


Small business owners, especially in the Government Contract industry, are under a lot of pressures, especially amid the multitude of government regulations, acquisition and proposal intricacies, not to mention performing most of your company’s business development and day to day functions.

 Cerca Trova Consulting, LLC understands where an owner and executive’s time is best spent. It is not best spent worrying about financial statements being completed or rates being calculated properly for the next proposal.  It is n0t best spent in managing your banking relationships and complying with reporting covenants and deadlines.

 There are numerous bookkeeping companies and independents who can keep your accounting functions operating adequately, but that is a very dangerous place to be – adequate. Cerca Trova Consulting has developed a structure in which your company can increase the automation and accuracy of your financial management system, most likely QuickBooks, to operate with the same features and abilities found in much larger and expensive systems, while also providing you with seasoned strategical guidance to help you execute your growth strategies, support pricing on proposal submissions, even become more profitable with the existing contracts you already have, and when the time comes, can help you plan and execute your exit strategy.  All this for roughly the same cost of an adequate bookkeeper!

 How can that be true?  As an company founded by experienced niche professional with years of experience in financial management systems and government contracting, we have developed an outsourced team approach, standardized systems, and valuable partner relationships which let us do what we do more efficiently, and only when you need the support.  At the fraction of the price of a full time CFO, Controller, and full accounting department, we can work with providing you the outsourced capabilities of all this and more.  With customized options and support that even new and young companies can afford, through higher levels of support that grows with your company as you become more successful.

 Don’t let out dated technology, financial reporting worries, and inexperienced proposal staff cost you more and more money or keep you awake at night.  Give us a call, and set up an initial consultation so we can discuss a plan that alleviates these problems, and puts you on a path to financial success in a very demanding market.  You deserve the best opportunity and information you can get, especially at critical stages in your company’s development, not just the amount you think you can afford from a bookkeeper.  Inquire about the Cerca Trova competetive advantage.  As a matter of fact, you can’t afford not to look into our solutions!

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                                  Government Contractor Solutions

Reliable rate structures through budget & forecast solutions
• Financial statement integration with forecasts
• Ongoing monthly rate analysis and review
• Chart of Account review and indirect rate calculations
• FAR Part 31 Compliance; Contract Cost Principles and Procedure and Computation of Indirect Expense Rates

Commercial Business Solutions

• Budget & Forecast Solutions
• Financial Statement Integration with Forecasts
• Employee Utilization Reports
• Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing
• Internal Control Review and Enhancement

Other CFO Level Support

• Liaison with Tax and Audit
• Merger and Acquisition Support
• Banking and Financing Solutions
• Monthly Financial Review and Oversight
• Board Presentations and Special Reporting Requirements

Technology Solutions

• Cloud Solutions
• QuickBooks & Peachtree Hosting
• Integrated Cloud Based Timesheet Solutions
• Online Payment Processing and Billing