Getting Started

 Working Together –


Our Process; Engagement Steps, and Getting Started


  • Initial Prospect Meeting and Interview

Designed to learn more about the company’s operation, requirements, growth strategy, etc. and how Cerca Trova Consulting can assist with the implementation of required processes, services, and requirements.


  • High Level Diagnostic – complimentary, 2 hour, onsite meeting with company team

A high level diagnostic review consists of an informal, onsite meeting with company team members, management, back office support administrators, etc, to get an overview of processes and procedures in place, tools currently being used, format of financial reporting and management system.


”We realize that your business is unique and personal to you, that is why we provide customized solutions and personal services for EVERY engagement. You deserve it, your employees deserve it, and most importantly, your customers deserve it.”


  • Proposal & Engagement Letter

Following the high level diagnostic review, Cerca Trova Consulting will provide a written proposal and engagement letter consisting of an overall engagement plan and phases of implementation of a potential engagement and ongoing services. The engagement proposal and letter will contain hourly rates for various phases and estimated hours per phase.


  • Engagement Letter Acceptance

Upon acceptance and execution of the engagement letter, we will schedule a mutually convenient time to commence the desired phases proposed and accepted. Depending on the nature of the engagement, urgency, and available resources, typical engagements will commence within 2 weeks of the acceptance.