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QuickBooks and DCAA Compliance- Q&A

QuickBooks and DCAA Compliance – Q&A Overview The question regarding QuickBooks and DCAA compliance, or QuickBooks as a pre-approved accounting system comes up frequently.  Many companies resort to much more costly platforms thinking that they must in order to be DCAA compliant.  The following will hopefully shed some light on DCAA approved or compliant accounting systems.

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Employment Laws for Remote Workers

Does your handbook include a section for remote employees? It should…


I received a newsletter from ADP ( I love their RUN product for payroll processing for new and growing start-ups especially!) which caught my attention.  I had recently been discussing several of the topics contained in the recent newsletter with a client, so I know these items ARE on the minds of employers and HR professionals in companies who allow remote workers. Click on the link below to go to ADP’s full text article.  I have listed just a few of the items contained for quick reference, click the link below for the full post directly from ADP.




ADP Run Newsletter & Tips

When you have remote workers, complying with employment laws may require additional planning. It is important to have effective policies, practices, and procedures in place before permitting employees to work remotely.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!            And one for fun!                ”We realize that your business is unique, that is why we provide customized solutions and personal services for EVERY engagement. You deserve it, your employees deserve it, and most importantly, your customers deserve

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Indirect Rates – An Overview of Government Contractor Rate Structure

CTCsquareCercaTrova Consulting provides consultation on the processes and systems required within  your organization and financial management system to facilitate the breakout and calculation of the rates unique to your organization.

The following is a very high level overview of determining the  Direct and Indirect components of your rate structure.

Government Contractor Rate Structure

Direct and Indirect Costs

Direct costs and rates are rates for costs that can eaisly be quantified within a contract. They include the cost of materials, wages of workers directly assigned to a project, subcontractors, etc. while indirect rates are rates that cannot be calculated without great effort.

You may need to calculate an indirect rate if you are awarded a federal contract (or grant) in which cost is reimbursed. It is a manner of assuring fair and equitable reimbursing across different businesses and organizations. Indirect rates are used for Incurred Costs Proposals.

Indirect cost rates are also known as indirect rates or Facility and Administrative rates (F&A rates). Though the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) will recognize indirect rates grouped in any logical manner, they usually fall into one of three categories:

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DCAA Approved Accounting System Process

An important milestone for government contractors and particularly to negotiated contracts is an adequate cost accounting system. Further, in today’s contracting environment having an adequate accounting system can be a pre-requisite for contracts. Today many Requests For Proposals (RFP) require it.

The need for a compliant accounting system depends on the contractor’s circumstances and contract types.  For instance

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